Sardine pissaladiere

Last night’s dinner, sardine pissaladiere, recipe from Rowley Leigh. I love Rowley’s recipes in the FT and think I’ve still got a couple of older ones he used to do in The Independent in the late nineties. Pissaladiere was fabulous despite sardines taking ages to clean and fillet. However, placing them on the dish was never going to work in the diagonal pattern as suggested in his recipe – they were too big! So, pissaladiere looks a bit messy:

Addition of chilli was also pretty clever, loved the whole thing and have some left over to eat today with salad. Picture not that great, by the time this came out of the oven, it was too dark for iphone camera. Was going to make it earlier in the day but didn’t get around to it as had to finish essay. Thankfully, that’s now handed in.

Another thought, making Baked custards from Stevie Parle’s book the other day reminded me of Rowley Leigh’s wonderful parmesan custards from Le Cafe Anglais – going to attempt this, think you can just take out vanilla out of baked custard recipe and add lots of parmesan.


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