North-South cornbread

Oh dear, sad, sad, sad news. Thinking of a warm June day in ’94 and going to see Beastie Boys at Astoria, wearing a white appliqued peasant shift dress I’d made for school (friend was wearing a matching one) and being very, very excited and happy to hear the new album. We were right at the front and totally stood out from a sea of boys in oversized T-shirts (think Stussy was all the rage then). MCA actually shook my hand during the concert and I pretty much felt invincible for the rest of that summer…

I’ve an essay due for a different school, will most likely spend the whole Bank holiday weekend writing it, am struggling to motivate self to get on with it and would be lovely if I had some of that invincibility back right now. Made some cornbread for breakfast, haven’t tried it yet but am hoping its homely earthiness will lift the mood a little.

North-South cornbread recipe from Dan Lepard’s Short and Sweet


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