Cinnamon and hazelnut meringue

Beloved’s family visiting so a bit of a busy weekend with lots of cooking and baking. So what did I do yesterday afternoon on top of getting everything ready – I made meringues! I don’t even particularly like them (too sweet) but baking obsession is strong…

Had two egg whites left over after making baked custards so meringues sort of seemed the obvious thing to do and I used the Ottolenghi recipe where mixer did all the work. Yottam and co are totally right, you couldn’t get that sort of silky glossiness with a handheld electric whisk. These are cinnamon and hazelnut and obviously not as big as the ones in Ottolenghi windows because I only had two egg whites but they still look fab:

Now we can have Eaton mess tomorrow instead of just strawberries and cream.

Right, back to the kitchen.


One thought on “Cinnamon and hazelnut meringue

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