Wholemeal bread

Today’s bread posting a bit delayed as was out seeing a friend on Southbank earlier. Crowds out in force, navigating roadworks and blocked footpaths, the Olympic sprucing up of London continues.

Anyway, finally remembered to buy strong wholemeal flour to make wholemeal bread with it. Had it for breakfast, just with butter. Bread was still warm so the butter melted into it. Delicious:

Recipe is Dan Lepard’s, once again. I will, at some point go back to other cookbooks, right now there are still lots of recipes in Short and Sweet I want to try.

As instagram has now gone to the devil, have a new photo app I’m trying out. Still not 100% sure about it though as you have to pay for lots of filters and add ons. Not convinced if it adds anything to picture quality either. Final pic:



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