Orchid watch

Weekly ‘orchid watch’ update – I love how this blog always has an update on some ‘watch’. Am rather enjoying watching something regularly and photographing its changes/ progress/ status quo – the summer I spent watching neighbours’ terrace and then they moved away. The new neighbours I still haven’t met but have sort of kept having a look at the terrace every now and then. Now there are the orchids – there are two in the flat, one, which I’ve had for years, has never flowered and the other, which was bought last year, flowered past summer. Both are about to flower and I’ve been watching the older orchid for weeks:

Every time I come to take a photo, the stalk has grown somewhat, which is lovely and just a bit exciting. It’s almost happening! Love the contrast between light and dark and how I’ve lost definition because I exaggerated the contrast.

Same photo, much greener. Think I could happily spend a whole day playing with my little photo apps and filters.

And a slightly different angle and still greener.

Anyway, moving onto the baby orchid. It’s doing very well too:

Love this photo, it looks very unnatural, considering it’s of a plant.

Guess it might be another week or two and then I’ll have to worry about how best to capture little blooms. If memory serves correctly (it has been some years), the old orchid is a deep pink, the baby one is white.


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