Difference of a day

I love a building site – not that I visit them frequently but there’s something about the regular gridlines of scaffolding, the structure of cranes, sometimes even the alienness of a tall shell of a building going up that makes me stop and look, fascinated. If I had this blog last year, I would have probably spent hours taking photographs of the Shard of glass going up by London Bridge – at night, it looked like some sort of alien hive. Not that I particularly like many of the new tall buildings once finished and I very much dislike disruption to traffic that any great new building project necessitates.

This particular building spot near the Old Street roundabout is definitely not something I am excited about – as they demolished what was once a very intriguing-looking model shop to build this. I’d never even been inside the model shop but always wanted to go – bet you could get lost in there for hours, think it was much used by architects and people who make models (who else?) and I never went as would have probably just bought tons of stuff to make – I don’t know, dioramas? and then never made anything. So, of course, there is a lot of disruption to traffic around but, at the same time, as traffic is slow, you can take pictures from the bus. Yesterday, I took these:

I was going to post them yesterday but didn’t have time. Then today I had to go back to the area and managed to take some more pictures – these are very different, yesterday was a very sunny day and today was a bit less so:


And, I’ve also managed to capture exactly what I mean by total disturbance to traffic – at another building site, very near, these are left on the street, fenced off, like there isn’t anywhere else on actual site to keep them:

That’s right, loads of sandbags… took this photo over shoulder so not exactly straight but otherwise rather good. What are they building – bet it’s the usual, offices that will stay unoccupied for years and overpriced flats that nobody can afford to live in. Oh, and probably some sort of a ‘retail element’ to the build, there’s always some retail, likely to be most uninteresting. Where did the model shop go?

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