Back to the ‘time portal’

Back in the general direction of Moorgate today, this is becoming a regular haunt now and will be for a while. Took some more photos of the ‘gateway to another dimension’ with more or less success:

It’s the ruin bit surrounded by other buildings. Think I’d need to hire a helicopter or something to capture this properly but am trying, am trying…

Here it is from the opposite direction, building site fenced off and really makes me wander why they left this entrance standing? Must be a gateway to another dimension!!

Bit further down the road, builders working on scaffolding… clearly becoming obsessed with scaffolding…

Perhaps I should have asked them if they’d been through the gateway? Or perhaps I should have asked the occupiers:

On Finsbury Square, have to say, the square looks a lot more interesting now there are loads of tents and people around. But something is very, very wrong in this picture, capitalism working?? No, no, no, that is not the message:

Much better now that capitalism is not working! That’s quite clear.

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