Day 114

There has been no terrace watch for over 2 weeks! That’s a very long time indeed but now that new people are living in the flat with the terrace, terrace watch is not as interesting. See:

It was much more interesting with the old neighbours when there were half eaten melons, dirty old jeans and bedlinen… Can’t believe I am missing the old mess! But I do like the tinge of autumn (imaginary really as the only ‘tinge’ is a ‘tint’ and some fallen leaves) in the picture. I’ve a couple more:

A nice little tilt-shifted instagram close up of the table.

And a slightly melancholy pic with blurred edges. Must say, I did feel a bit excited when I opened the window to have a look earlier, I mean it had been over two weeks in which time all sorts of things could have happened with the old terrace but I needn’t have bothered. Oh well. Perhaps we’ll have mountains of snow soon or something and then I can go snap-happy again.


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