Always two there are

So, just over a week ago, I spotted Magic and miracle and the old orchid about to flower. Well, perhaps I got a bit overexcited as it currently looks like this:

The stalk has definitely grown but no flower yet. How long will it take??

Actually, it’s pretty consistent that it is taking so long, it has taken it several years just to get to this point.

Not to be outdone, the other orchid – from IKEA of all places, is a year old, has flowered since it was bought and, it’s about to flower again too! This is way beyond exciting. Am going to start calling myself ‘green fingered’!!

I know, the shoot is a bit too faint but I rather like the whiteness and contrast as it all looks a bit fake. Because it is. Can’t remember which filters I used now.

And another picture with a filter that sort of intensifies and softens greens and reds. All done on pixlromatic.

Just to prove that I can look after plants – posting another of the violet that someone gave me as a work leaving present years and years ago. I nearly killed it once, which would have been a great shame as it looks fabulous with lomo + another filter from pixlromatic.

That completes plant watch for today.


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