I had the best intentions

I love how I got a bit of lighting rig in this shot – reminds me of ‘Singing in The Rain’ when they are making their ‘talkie picture’ and they keep getting the microphone in the shot. Quite fitting that I was at this award/party type thing last night which took place in the London Film Museum. Didn’t see any movie type exhibits anywhere until we took a funny exit to escape the crowds in the auditorium and came across this:

Don’t think we were supposed to be there but you don’t see a penny-farthing every day so I paused to take a quick photo then ran after the people I was with. By the time I caught up, they’d luckily found the bar. Didn’t see any information about it but must have been used in an old movie.

I actually planned to take lots of pictures of London last night because that part of London (South Bank and London Eye and bits around it) is always so fabulously lit at night that a good view from any bridge or bank makes you very happy to be living here. Thought the Eye would make particularly good photos but never got a chance to take them as by the time I left all I wanted was to be in bed. Next time must do better!


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