Just read (again)

I needed some light relief, a good comfort read at the weekend as have loads of work + study on and on top of that, reading a rather serious (but great) book on Reformation. So, ITV3, bless-their-daytime-weekend-mix-of Marple/ Poirot and occasional Jane Austen was showing Persuasion on Saturday afternoon. Had to watch as I hadn’t seen it before and then immediately though – must read Persuasion again, now. So I did. Total bliss – love any Austen apart from Northhanger Abbey, which try as I might, I could never get into.

A couple of key moments, helpfully illustrated (and then badly photographed on old iphone) in the little Collectors Library edition (super handy size for reading on bus!):

And a couple of not-so-key moments:

Just a shame that Anne Elliot was a bit too timid, otherwise love the book. Can’t quite decide if it’s my favourite Austen – think I’ll have to re-read Mansfield Park.

Am now back on Reformation – it was long and slow, just like me reading it!


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