Day 85 and we’re back on!

This week has been a bit busy, my fuzzy logic not coping all that well with stresses of work and new course starting so, this morning I decided to pause all that is busy/stressful and take a look at the terrace. After all, the smell of particularly strong/cheap/potentially harmful paint has been very, very strong all week – this means that old neighbours flat is clearly being redecorated. As I type, I hear drilling, drilling, drilling. So I took some photographs just now:

This is a tonic for a weary soul indeed! What a marvellous lomo effect (+tilt shift + pixlromatic) and how it can immediately cheer you up! Of course, there is also addition of a toilet that just ties the whole thing together beautifully.

Terrace has a life of its own, which is a lovely thing really. I was thinking all this week how it’s going to be hard to keep taking photographs and blogging as its all busy/stress/busy over the next few months but I must find time as I very much enjoy it and, besides, life’s totally too short to wait for the weekend…

Here are a couple of synthcam/instagrams too:


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