Looking beyond topiary

Last bunch of photos from wedding I went to on Friday. Beautifully kept lawns and terraces, all very manicured so a lovely surprise to see these giant thistles.

Whoever runs this country house hotel also loves garden statues. There was an overload but I only took a few photos lest people started asking too many questions about what I was doing. This one was priceless I thought:

See, there was quite a lot of topiary and also some rather amusing frogs:

The second was a frog prince type thing with a crown on its head.

And a fountain I rather liked but was too big to fit into a photo. I wasn’t supposed to be in this bit of garden so only had time for a few quick snaps. While making a speedy exit, one of my heels got stuck between cobblestones so it was a good thing that this place was deserted.

Ending on a super grainy shot of a daddy longlegs, taken later on in the evening. Rather remarkable anything came out at all as I’ve no flash on iphone camera but lomo, as usual, made the photo look quite cool I think:


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