How much fun can you have in a ‘country house’ hotel

Good old Miss Jean Brodie, in her Prime, she used to say: ‘for those who like that sort of thing, that is the sort of thing they like’. So true, I find and applicable to the place I was at yesterday.

So we had porcelain figurines in cabinets

An old knight guarding the entrance


Dancing ‘nymphs’

A lovely bit of embroidery framed and positioned on a stand

Think this was called ‘The Shakespeare Room’ for no apparent reason, good convex mirror though despite the gilding.

A ‘Mung’ dynasty vase

Questionable taste in chairs

Binoculars that conveniently look into a wall

And a busy librarian.

I don’t know much about antiques and I understand that parts of this place were restored with English Heritage but to me the whole thing amounted to some very questionable taste and not a small amount of pretension.

See what I mean? I was however rather excited to be able to wander about taking photos and to my utter delight, discovered that, no matter how much you try and sweep things under a carpet, or rather, behind ‘staff only’ entrance, they have a way of surfacing back up:

Apologies for a huge amount of photos, just couldn’t resist!


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