Day 80 and that was that

… oh…

Well, it couldn’t last forever. I was away yesterday and came back this morning to smell of paint in hallway. I had a feeling terrace would no longer be the same. About time someone cleared it up but now, annoyingly, I will never find out if there was a micro ecosystem under the bedlinen.

I like it how the bedlinen left its mark on the floor by the table and the impressions on the table where the plates, mugs and various barbecue paraphernalia used to be. Should have put a frame on that picture, didn’t realise some of these new instagram filters don’t have frames.

So, end of an era in terrace watch – however, you never know what kind of weird and wonderful new neighbours we’re going to get. Seeing as the flat is being redecorated, am sure someone’ll move in soon. I’ll be watching, occasionally.



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