Day 79, wait-and-see

I’m expectant, my life right now is one big wait-and-see; wait-and-see what happens with the deserted terrace, wait-and-see what sort of new neighbours we’re going to get and when, wait-and-see  about tutorials for a new course I’m about to start, numerous wait-and-sees to do with work and not forgetting the wait-and-see about those neutrinos at CERN and whether they really do travel faster than the speed of light.

So, this morning, when I took photos of the terrace, I decided to use as many apps as possible – and I have built up quite a collection over the past couple of months. After all, terrace’s days may be numbered for all I know so I’ve got to make the most of it while there is still time.

Good swirly effect from Synthcam – intentional this time (have been practicing).

In my excitement over neighbours moving out and ensuing drama (this blog doesn’t cover ‘front-of-house’ where we have graciously been left piles of rubbish, unwanted clothes and so on), I’d totally forgotten to pay closer attention to terrace. I thought neighbours forgot that there was a terrace when they moved but some things are missing – the towel that was ‘drying’ over top red chair, for example and also looks like something was taken from top right of table…

It’s baffling – I had to look through archive terrace photos to check what went and it was an old pint glass + the towel. I take it neighbours won’t need a bread knife, mugs or plates where they are going…


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