Day 74

Neighbours’ terrace in the early afternoon sun:

Shadows everywhere including my finger partially obscuring the lens… it was very sunny so I couldn’t really see clearly what I was doing. I rather enjoyed todays view, the chairs leaving pretty cool shadows, the whole place somehow looks more dynamic. So there I was snapping away and practicing with Synthcam when the cat appeared again:

For 70 days I see no cat on neighbourhood watch and then two sightings in a couple of days. Of course, with synthcam, the cat can barely be discerned – it’s just to the left of table.

And then it went to its watering hole to cool itself off in the early afternoon sun. (if reading out loud, please employ best David Attenborough voice)

It looked about, it drank some more and then it disappeared. Think I can now legitimately change ‘neighbourhood terrace watch’ to ‘life on terrace watch’.

Let’s finish with an instagram – accidental cat sighting deserves photo-overload:


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