Day 71, still looking down

Think I am finally beginning to get the hang of SynthCam, it’s all about little movements & baby steps.

Seems to have worked this morning, there is less of a vortex in this picture. Still quite blurred so decided to exaggerate the softness around the edges.

Otherwise no change on the terrace, the ‘laundry’ still out, jeans and the green sock still unwanted. I’ve been hoping to see signs of life, at least in the ‘pond’ formed in the seat of the green chair (having remained for over a month now, I think it can be classified as a ‘pond’) but haven’t had any luck there. One can only continue to hope…

This morning’s still photographs also worked quite well with more lomo. Since more lomo effects very much depend on the time of the day and weather, lomography doesn’t always work on terrace watch. Today we have an overload. I also used tilt shift effects but not much else.

Perhaps it could be said that I am developing an obsession with blue-ish pic corners?

And finally, a nice little instagram:


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