Day 71 repeater but totally worth it

The terrace doesn’t often get two look-ins in a day but I had a funny feeling today on return from work…

Total whoop moment as the long expected cat was out there!! Of course the iphone cam went into a complete overdrive as have wanted a photo of cat on terrace ever since I spotted it drinking water from the ‘pond’ weeks and weeks ago. The cat, however was just sitting under the table and snap as much as I like, you couldn’t really make it out.  It was sitting right on top of a dark stain. Then it made a move:

Of course, at this point I am like an overexcited child…

Look at that, the cat has totally appropriated the camping chair into its own private little source of drinking water.

And a nice little instagram moment too.

I got the proper camera out as well but by this point the cat had stopped drinking. It looked up at me as I took another couple of pictures but will not post – must protect the cat’s identity…

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