Day 70, how did that happen?

Can’t believe it’s been 70 days of terrace watch, OK I’ve not been particularly observant this week but still, that’s a lot of days.

This morning, a freak accident with exposure increase on photoshop app resulted in a rather nice tone to the pictures so posting a few. Obviously must also make up for lack of ‘watch’ earlier this week.



All is quiet on the terrace, it appears that I haven’t missed much.

Love this picture, used both lomo + pixlromatic and rather like the colours, totally due to ‘freakish exposure accident’.

And a synthcam shot – not had a huge amount of practice with this so focus still a problem but it does create a sort of a vortex effect. Final shot,

Good old instagram hasn’t been used all that much lately so thought I’d sign off with another photo that looks like it’s been taken from a very old telly with a bad reception.

Still can’t believe it’s been 70 days. The weird and wonderful (albeit grimy) terrace never fails to surprise…


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