Day 67

Funny weather today – sunny/rain/hot/cloudy/ every kind of weather rolled into one Sunday. Neighbourhood terrace watch completed earlier in the day although there are some new-ish neighbours next door with yapping dogs who’ve decided that now is the time to sort out their garden. Makes it harder to conduct neighbours terrace watch as don’t want these other neighbours to think I am spying on them! Oh, the perils of terrace watch…

As there is nothing actually happening on the terrace, I must make my own entertainment here so thought I’d try a ‘normal picture’ with iphone:

And then I’d try a SynthCam picture – recently downloaded and I am in need of a lot of practice with it. Have never been able to keep hands very steady:

Both pictures use exactly the same filter on Pixlromatic too and both had previously been sharpened a little with photoshop. I love how one is very soft and almost dreamy whilst the other presents the harsh reality that is the filth and grime of the terrace.


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