Yves Klein blue?

I’ve never taken pictures at night with iphone – well it doesn’t have a flash so no point. Last night’s sky was rather nice so I thought I’d try. Didn’t get much definition – there were some great clouds which didn’t show at all but I am still pleased with the result.

It’s similar to Yves Klein blue and I suppose there is an inkling that there may have been clouds

One with the moon. I did play with the images a little – used some blue pixl-r-omatic filters and increased saturation/ exposure in free photoshop app.

Another one with the moon. Guess you can’t expect to achieve much with a very basic iphone camera without a flash but I rather like the simplicity and also love blue + black colour combination.

Am going to look into some more free photo apps this weekend, just downloaded a few and one might even work in the night sky. Hope there’ll be a good sky this eve


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