Day 63

Ah yes, we had the torrential downpour yesterday and that was marvellous for the terrace watch. I left for work, having taken morning picture & hoping there’d be further developments when I got back. Alas, no luck there. This was the view this morning:

No further change besides the clothes drying thingummy displacement. The displacement has, however revealed another intriguing fact to me, let’s take another look:

I am calling this bit of terrace ‘the black corner’ from now on as it is super grimy and filthy but what’s this in centre of pic – looks like a pillowcase which would make the big wet thingum on its right a duvet cover. I thought it was a curtain. Beloved always thought it was bedlinen but not me. I wouldn’t have believed it was bedlinen because how can it be so ugly?  But that thing right in the middle is clearly a pillowcase so must be… really can’t believe it, too ugly for words!

Actually, let’s go back to the ‘black corner’ for a moment, I am not sure if this should be black corner as bbq corner opposite with cat poo covered coal is equally black and even more grimy because of cat poo. Must have another look at this when I get home.


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