Day 62

If you can’t trust the BBC, then who can you trust, I ask. ‘Light rain’, more like the ‘opening of the heavens’ today. It certainly isn’t nice out there!

Conducted an investigation of neighbours’ terrace this morning following an audible thump and found this:

The clothes-drying thingummy has been knocked down by the wind and the poor unwanted pair of jeans is now on the ground. Wander how long it will stay like that? Of course, the rain isn’t as bad as in this photo but I couldn’t resist using rain effect today. It’s so over the top but I think it adds a little extra something to the general state of the terrace which is pretty bad indeed.

Here’s another pic taken this morning without the rain effect:

I wander if and when the neighbours will notice? The jeans, the towel, the dirty curtain on the floor have all been out there for over a month already without anyone batting an eyelid and, just in case you are wandering, yes, there are people living in the flat with the terrace. I have a feeling that they will just leave it as is.

I started taking pictures and blogging about the terrace exactly two months ago. I know this isn’t a very long time but there were moments when I got bored with the whole thing, there are only so many filters one can apply to iPhone photo to make it look a bit more interesting/ fun… This morning I feel a lot better about the whole thing. Terrace watch will continue, invigorated by this autumn rain (although I’m not exactly invigorated by the thought of having to go home from work shortly in said rain). Now, I wonder if there have been any other developments since I left home this morning…


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