Day 60 – not doing very well with timing…

So I thought that I should do something new and fabulously exciting with terrace watch coming up to two months. I took pictures yesterday (day 60) in the afternoon and then I fell asleep. It wasn’t a very nice day – most of it anyway, the weather was pretty grey or raining for most of the day and the sun only came out while I was sleeping. I took these after the rain

The first is just a regular shot, sharpened a little and with a cool (temperature) filter. The second was a bit more cropped, more lomo then pixlromatic filters. Quite like it:

I particularly like how more lomo adds colours that aren’t there, making the terrace more interesting. Have to say that because nothing has been happening on the terrace, I haven’t had much interest in it over the past few days.  I need something to happen, some sort of intervention. Someone please come and at least move a chair… swap some laundry… cat? Where has the cat been? Haven’t seen it drinking water for weeks and there has been a fresh supply now that it has rained.




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