Day 59 – with a delay

Day 59 was actually yesterday. Not really sure if I should post ’59’ pictures on ‘day 60’ but as I took them yesterday and was planning to post them yesterday (then spent the whole day working on something else) I think it’s OK to post today. To be honest, it’s not like anything ever happens on a terrace and really, if I think about it, I could have just taken one picture months ago and then just kept applying different filters and pretending I’d taken a new picture every day. But there wouldn’t be any point in that so here’s day 59 picture:

I suppose there are tiny little differences between yesterday and ‘day 1’, in the ‘arrangement’ of chairs and in the amount of water gathered in the seat of green chair. Think there are also quite a few more stains on the floor.

Stained floor better seen in this picture. I also had a look with the camera zoom yesterday and no signs of life yet. Only the rustling of the silver foil on the table in the breeze…


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