Day 58

Coming up to two month anniversary of neighbourhood terrace watch so I thought I’d give today’s picture an aged look. Suits it, no?

Otherwise, of course still no change. Doesn’t anyone need that pair of jeans? They’ve been through a drying-wet-drying-wet cycle-and-so-on for at least a month now.

Unfortunately though with sepia toned pictures, you can’t see the wonderfully colourful detail out there. That’s why I haven’t used sepia or black and white filters before.

Here’s another, I particularly liked the neon green sock and how the dirty water on the plate has a reddish tint, I am hoping the plate is by now acting as a petri dish. Same with the ‘pond’ in the seat of the green chair. That water has been there for a while now so I am guessing tadpoles soon, yes?

Might have to get some good binoculars soon for a closer look…


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