Just read

Haven’t read much fiction over summer as have piles and piles of non fiction books to ‘get through’ (as if, this will take me years!) and, let’s face it, have clearly been developing my own fiction with neighbourhood terrace watch over the past couple of months… Anyway, decided to take Dodie Smith’s I Capture The Castle on holiday last week. I started it on the train and liked it immediately but didn’t get far, was out and about every day and just didn’t have time. So, now I am back, I’ve read it in two days. What a simply wonderful book, can’t believe I’d not read it sooner!

Of course, I’d known about it for a long time and it’s been on several book lists I look at including India Knight’s ultimate comfort reads. I can’t remember how I came across this list, must have been twitter and while I don’t think I’ll read all of the titles on it, some have been real discoveries that I would have never come across otherwise, like the Mapp and Lucia books and The Diary of A Provincial Lady. Exactly the right amount of tweeness to make it a very good comfort read, as India says. Some, like A Suitable Boy have been firm favourites for years, actually the thought of Vikram Seth working ob a sequel for 2013 fills me with great excitement, anticipation and just a little bit of fear that I might not love it as much… Anyway, a very good list and a great break from non fiction for me. Now, back to that pile…


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