Day 57

A very slow week for neighbourhood watch for several reasons, the main being the weather, which has not been very nice this week and I do think terrace looks its best in fine weather. So, finally today’s weather was a tiny bit nicer but I had no time this morning and it was almost 8pm by the time I managed to conduct the neighbourhood watch. Of course by then the weather was decidedly grey again.

I couldn’t do anything about the weather and the greyness but I didn’t want to leave it another day without the watch so snapped it anyway:

And then had a look at it and… no way… something was different! The sock was no longer on the towel!

Oh, it had only fallen to the floor, it’s not like anyone suddenly missed a (once) bright green (but now entirely filthy) sock, went looking for it, remembered that the flat had a terrace!, found it and then picked it up, pausing to contemplate an actual clean up/ use of terrace… So, my mood totally deflated and I decided not to try and brighten up the grey and to even give pic a dirty-looking frame. Make it black too!


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