Day 54

Neighbours terrace is usually at its best on a sunny morning. Somehow the dirt and the mess don’t seem so bad when the sun shines. And this morning, more lomo also turned in a rather nice pinkish tint to the scene – I love lomo as you never quite know what you’re going to get.

Makes me wander where those stains on the floor came from? Can’t remember them from before, which clearly means that I am not as good an observer as I think I am…

A close up, looking like doll’s house furniture again – perhaps a post apocalyptic doll’s house.

Last picture, such a shame that nobody has attempted to lift the filthy & soggy curtain (I think it’s a curtain) from the floor. I am almost certain that there would be signs of life. Perhaps I should obtain a fishing rod or something sturdier and try to do it myself?

Another thing to ponder, haven’t seen the cat in a while. Wandering if I should change the time of the day when I take the picture. I like the terrace in the morning but the cat is never there in the morning. Spotted a fox wandering about around a week or so ago – not on the actual terrace but below, weaving in and out other people’s back gardens, probably lives somewhere nearby as it looked like it knew its way around. No cat though. Will try to keep a lookout, cat drinking water out of green chair would really bring the whole thing together.


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