Day 53

This morning, a sense of abandonment… as if people had lived here some time ago and moved on in a hurry.


Like they’d just put out laundry to dry, started having a meal and then got up and went away never to return…

The mugs filled with some murky black liquid, may have been tea or coffee once, the dirt and grime on the table top expanding daily into a pattern of its own, the wording on discarded packaging becoming hardly legible…

It’s been almost two months of neighbours terrace watch and I am just as baffled at the state of terrace now as I was then. I take a picture and I am expectant, hopeful that one morning I’ll look out and see something different.

Not yet… clearly not yet.

Am back to taking pics with iphone as per original plan. Shall use camera only if I find signs of life evolving or anything else out of the ordinary.


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