There and back again

Back from the lakes, such a good ‘system restore’. A very basic break it was too, just walking and looking – everywhere you look there is something, you want to take it all in and just be, perfectly content.

Viewpoint just outside Keswick. Looked like it was going to rain the whole day so decided to go to Keswick, luckily it didn’t rain straight away. The clouds, low and grey, covered peaks and hilltops. Fantastic spot and hardly anyone around.

Skiddaw through the trees, there wasn’t a clear view of it but I am super happy we saw it in the distance. These are camera pics, iphone wasn’t of much use that day.

Same day, later on, after a walk through Fawepark and back towards Keswick, the sun came out for a little bit and the colours were fabulous, think this was Grisedale Pike, still partly covered in clouds.

Had a short wander around Keswick and it was like hell on earth, swarming with tourists so it was a very short wander but I did manage to find a cheese deli so wasn’t a complete waste of time. Started raining heavily just as we got back to bus stop. Do some people go to the lakes only to spend most of their time wandering about villages? Didn’t quite understand that.

Back in Ambleside the next day, glorious weather and the most exhilarating walk of the trip, Wansfell Pike

View of Windermere from the Pike. It’s a popular climb and was great to see other people reach the top, arms up in the air and words failing – not just because of the view either. Most people would be totally out of breath too

Continued along the top to reach Baystones, the highest point, view of surroundings. Down path had all but disappeared so had the added bonus of ‘free descent’ for a bit until path reappeared.

View of Wansfell in the distance, with Windermere on the right. Walking back from Sweden bridge, yesterday morning’s constitutional, only a short walk before catching train back to London.

It rained back in London and I picked the stupidest time to get back – 6pm so everywhere was heaving with people, traffic… you’d think people would want to get away early on a Bank holiday weekend but no. Think everyone had the idea to get away at 6pm.

Would very much like to go back to the lakes, is it too soon to start planning a little trip for next year?

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