Day 51

Have been away all week and did I miss the terrace in the end? No. Did I miss anything happening on the terrace?

… no… I didn’t miss anything on the terrace.

Certainly not. If anything, the table is just a touch more grimy than last Sunday.

And there is still no evidence of pond life. Don’t know what the weather has been like in London this week, it rained as I got back. Think it’s raining again now.

Oh well, it’s not like I was expecting there’d be change on the terrace. It’s like coming back to ‘home sweet home’ with added bonus of terrace that never seizes to amaze + inspire + baffle with its dirty laundry and shrivelled citrus peel.

Pics taken with camera again as they just look better and then pxlromatic’d a bit. Have used camera a lot while away so now a bit tricky going back to iphone without a good zoom.

Expect blog overload over the next few days as have lots of Lake District pics… I got a bit overexcited as usual













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