Day 49 elsewhere

No neighbourhood terrace watch until the end of the week as am elsewhere. Walking in the Lake District, weather permitting and looks like it won’t be permitting today. I thought people came to Lake District to walk/ cycle and generally leave their cars behind but that is not the case at all. Seems people that we’ve encountered so far congregate in villages where they drive to in cars then take a tiny little walk out then back to their cars. Not sure I see a point in that. I don’t drive.

Having a marvellous time so far, walking and generally taking lots of pictures. Any spare time has been spent playing with said pictures…

Train up – a very expensive train up on Monday. Nothing interesting about the journey apart from this picture. I tried repeating but didn’t work – phone camera just kept focusing.

Glorious sunshine on Monday afternoon, walked up to Windermere Waterhead. Full of people getting into Windermere cruise boats or queueing for cruise boats. Sun making water sparkle kept me very occupied for ages. Have enough pics to fill an album.

Back to Ambleside via a forest path, beloved spotted this very Tim Burtonesque gate. This was an early evening walk and the only other soul we spotted was a man walking his dog. Our landlady later told us you can spot deer in those woods although absolutely no chance of that happening around me as you need to keep still & quiet.

Following a stop at a not very nice pub, decided we still had enough time to walk up to Stockghyll Force. Got very trigger happy with the running water pics.

CAMERA PIC ALERT – this was taken with an actual camera, everything else has been iphone 3g so far. Anyway, this is the actual Force – pretty awesome, no.

Total people seen on way there and back – 6. May have been lateness of the day as it had gone 8pm by the time we got back.

This was taken yesterday, a tarn on route across Loughrigg Fell, fantastic! Pic may be a bit too messed with – pixlromatic and more lomo, that is quite a lot of filter… anyway, the best thing about this was that you climbed and climbed and then you had some lovely views all around you and then all of a sudden this fabulous little lake, one of the best sights of the whole trip so far.

Loughrigg part of the walk included following along walls. Aim was Loughrigg Tarn, which was fine, but nothing as awesome as the first tarn we saw:

First part of Laughrigg walk – saw 3 people in the distance climbing one of viewpoints we left a few minutes previously. Second part, around Ivy Crag, we saw loads of people. Then a few more around the Tarn then nothing for a while – we followed a woodland path, not the road. However, we did have to follow the road for a bit to get to Grasmere and this was getting quite busy. We went off road again through Redbank Wood – everything lush green and covered in moss. Fabulous place

And just one more, these were very cute

Grasmere itself and the road directly before it were a bit much. Way too many people and couldn’t wait to get out again. Took the corpse road/ coffin path out and towards Rydal.

Perhaps this tree along the corpse route was upturned by a ghost?

Great views of Rydal Water from this walk too – so far, the best looking lake. Couldn’t take any pics of it with my phone as weather was a bit cloudy but took some with trusty camera. Will manipulate and post. From Rydal, took another path back to Ambleside, avoiding the roads as much as possible. 9 miles in total, not bad at all.

Not missing neighbours terrace at all…


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