Oh great

So far all pics on this blog have been taken on my iphone 3gs and then, as phone camera not brilliant and me being even less of a brilliant photographer, manipulated with free apps. Like this:

Taken yesterday afternoon in the neighbourhood. Weather was a bit funny, sunny then cloudy then rain and sunny again. Was out in late afternoon when it was sunny again. Another pic, a few minutes later:

Anyway, going away tomorrow for a few days and was planning on taking an actual digital camera. It hasn’t been used in a while but I thought that going away and hopefully finding myself in a glorious setting of pure sublimity might necessitate a better picture taking equipment so remembered this morning to find and charge the digital camera. That would be the camera which I seem to have left at work… It doesn’t seem to be in its usual hiding places at home and unless I was trying to be particularly ‘clever’ and put it somewhere so I could REMEMBER where it was, it is at work. A terrible blow from which I will have to spend most of the day recovering…

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