Day 46

This morning, there was a nice sense of tranquility about the terrace.

Of course there was no change, there never is. Yesterday, I was asking myself how much longer can I keep myself amused and distracted with the non-event that is the terrace? How many more days of pictures where the only changes are the wetness/ dryness occasioned by the weather and the photo apps I use to try to achieve a different feel – like this soft and grimy pairing today

The thing is, there won’t be any pictures of the terrace for the next few days, am going to be elsewhere, looking for other things to photograph. So, while this lack of change/ clean up can be at times boring, frustrating, baffling, intriguing and entertaining, I will definitely miss my daily look out or two.

Actually, I say that but will, in reality most likely forget completely about the existence of the terrace over the next few days…


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