Day 44

This is not normal.

The terrace has been like this for 44 days!!!!??? The table has had two plates, two mugs and all the other bits for 44 days. The chairs have hardly been moved for 44 days. There is an old coke bottle that is still out there, not seen in this picture and neither is the barbecue in the left corner. Those have been out for 44 days. Laundry is only about 3 weeks old, actually not sure if it should be called ‘laundry’ more like rotting mouldy towel, curtain and dirty green sock. This is not normal.

All I do is just change filter or lomify when I take picture but it is the same scene every day. Today is raining and gloomy so I opted for a darker feel to pic. Unfortunately, the fact that there has been no clear up, no change, no use of terrace over summer is making me feel gloomy. Such a waste.


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