Day 42

What I really wanted to do yesterday is take a picture of a different neighbourhood. There are seagulls somewhere in the roooftops near where I work. They are very protective of their offspring, swooping down and dive bombing people walking their dogs. Tried taking a picture once before but one of them came flying towards me, pretty close to the window so I had to remove myself back to safety of office. It was ferocious! Anyway, they were very loud yesterday around lunchtime but I was too busy and so missed the picture taking opportunity.

Instead, another fresh neighbourhood watch picture. Actually, you can’t really tell that the picture is fresh because yet again, there has been no change…

This could have been taken last week. It could have been taken two weeks ago. It was taken this morning. Perhaps a neighbour will start missing filthy green sock soon and come to claim it soon? Either that or neighbour will find evidence of strange lifeforms living happily in the terrace ecosystem. I would love for somebody to pick up that curtain and find a whole new little world living and growing underneath. Please, thanks.


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