Day 40 – first a walk

‘Fitness building’ regime for upcoming Lakes trip continues. Took hours last night figuring out the route to walk today. Thought might as well have a look at different part of Lee Valley and that was a good idea. Fabulously varied landscape throughout: there was woodland and meadows, a heron that lazily spread its wings and flew off before I managed to instagram it, a lovely lake with people fishing, a bit of history and ruins, going under the M25, then a marsh, then bits of populated area, followed by a massive reservoir on one side and an equally massive industrial area on the other, a few horses grazing by, then back to populated area.

Today’s Lee Valley route included getting to Cheshunt, then walking down to Waltham Abbey, having a look around, then back to Lee Valley path and walk to¬†Ponders End. Plan was to get a train back from Ponders End only the wait would have been way too long so, walked some more instead and got a bus down via Edmonton and Tottenham. The furniture shop that burned down in the riots has been pretty levelled, only rubble remains and several other burned houses/ shops were being cleared out. Some people were still boarding up their shops but the street was busy and lively. I am not sure that the Aldi supermarket will ever look lively again though. That’s still fully boarded up. It all looked shocking and pretty sad and I felt quite strange, like a tourist, a complete stranger, not really seeing anything familiar but I was in the area only two Sundays ago on route to walk across Tottenham Marshes… Didn’t feel right taking pictures so all in all I only have a few today

This is way too dark unfortunately but nice bit of blue from lomo. Bower Water.

And another view of Bower Water through the trees. The sky was quite cloudy at this point but got very sunny after Enfield Lock

Waltham Abbey, has a pretty cool ceiling. Needed a proper camera though

Ceiling detail. Great pattern.

Finally, a rather blurred detail of a fresco on one of the walls (totally needed a good camera), early 15th century the leaflet said. Waltham was the last monastery to be dissolved by Henry VIII in 1540. Shame, the whole complex looked huge, would have been great to wander about.


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