Day 39

Rain or shine, one thing you can be sure of is that the terrace remains as is. Actually, that’s not strictly true because the past 15 or so days have seen a bit of a terrace reinvention as not just a place to dump things but also as a place to dry one’s laundry. Rains came and went and said laundry stayed put. Well, actually that’s not strictly true either because some of it fell on the floor and nobody bothered picking it up.

It is still there…



Picture taken earlier today when it was sunny. Doesn’t look sunny anymore. I wander what are the chances of finding life underneath that 70s looking curtain?

Just seen in the bottom left is our old friend the coke bottle. That’s a terrace regular, been there since the beginning. Along with all the forgotten crockery and other bits on the table.

But my current favourite terrace item is better seen in this picture

It’s the green sock drying on top of towel on the chair. It adds a touch of colour to the whole scene even though it is quite filthy and my photo pretty blurred. Still, photo provides some close up onto table top. Would love to see if here is pond life in those mugs… becoming a bit obsessed with the idea of terrace developing its own ecosystem. Only a matter of time, I think.

Was planning to start making a dress from the growing vintage pattern collection but that never happened as spent most of the morning looking at courses I could potentially do, then food shopping & getting annoyed at supermarkets’ inability to stock the most basic things. Had a nap earlier this afternoon (last week was a bit full on at work) and now it’s 5pm and too late in the day to start cutting fabric. At least I did manage to have a think about masses of fabric that I have and whether some of it would work with the patterns I got recently. That’s quite enough for today.


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