Day 36

There hasn’t been any neighbourhood terrace watch for almost a week. Was in Wales for the weekend, enjoying glorious nature, feeling like a late 18th century landscape tourist in search of the picturesque. I just needed an easel, some watercolours and a claude glass. Took lots of pictures, posted some earlier this week and may post a few more.

Back in London, neighboorhood watch offered a sorry sight of not too distant helicopters flying up and down Kingsland Road. Looting and riots stopped short of our own neighbourhood by the local Turkish and Kurdish community. While many Londoners were inspired to join riot cleanup, our own neighbours did not feel inspired at all. Operation clean up passed them by.

The laundry put out to dry last week and then rained on is still out and so are the old plates and bits. Expect cat will be out soon to perch on the green chair and drink rainwater. Also expect terrace to start supporting its own ecosystem soon. It has already been over a month, I wander what will happen come autumn?


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