Day 32 – a different neighbourhood

No doubt neighbour’s terrace still looks the same, am not there right now. I currently have this type of view:

Going to publish large pics – not sure these are good enough but think pictures on my blog are quite small.

Anyway, that was the ‘look up’ and the ‘look down’ isn’t half bad either

I got a bit too close in on this picture but quite like the blurriness. As it was very sunny when taken yesterday, I took these with normal iPhone camera, adding lomo effect later.

These roses are actually quite intensely pink even without the lomo enhancement.

I got a little bit overexcited and trigger happy so have lots more flower pics (clearly DEPRIVED of flowers in own neighbourhood…). The early evening was sunny enough to get decent colours without having to resort to  using effects. Still, I’d like to see if instagram could add anything.


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