A walk – Lee Valley

Building up fitness (so unfit!) for a bit of a walking trip in late August. Lovely day today so did a five mile walk around Lee Valley today. Start near Edmonton Ikea then walk through Tottenham Marsh and to Springfield Park.

Good start to the walk, I love a bit of manmade structure on the edge of a nature reserve.

And then there were some pylons, they made a good picture

Across a footbridge a different scene. Hardly anyone around, a few cyclists here and there and a few walkers



Great colours of the meadow (more lomo, no skill on my part)

Glorious sunshine and barges along the river. Saw lots of big dragonflies, heard lots of birds and there were several kinds of ducks. Someone should do an iPhone app that tells you what sort of a duck you are seeing if you take a picture. Much handier than taking a birdwatching book along.

Great allotment space on Tottenham Marsh too, a few people working on their allotments, some even growing grapes – a future Tottenham vintage perhaps? Didn’t take any pictures though as we marched through this part due to some ‘works’ across the river burning plastic. Nasty smell.

Canal by Stonebridge Lock (I think it was Stonebridge? Maybe it was Stockbridge?)

Just past the crossing towards Tottenham Hale, there was a good railway bridge – I got a bit obsessed with tracks’ reflection and taking pictures under the bridge. Had to pause several times to move for cyclists – this bit of the walk was a bit busier

There was a tiny tree growing between sleepers and lots of spiderwebs, fabulous picture op for a really good camera. I only had iPhone with free photo apps so couldn’t really zoom in and focus. Never mind, I rather like some of these pics

About 10 minutes walk down from the bridge, it started getting really busy. How unfortunate that a whole load of other people should be wanting to go out for a walk at the same time as us… Also, in retrospect, we should have walked on the other side of the river (if possible? perhaps something to look into for next time) as there were houses along this path. We were back in civilisation.

At this point the walk picked up to a marching pace again so only took a quick snap of a cool tree trunk by the side

A short while later, we were in Springfield Park where we had a little break on a ‘grassy knoll’ under a tree with a lovely canopy

And some more trees, love the willow

Walking all the way home took a while longer. A good walk, shame it got a bit busy. Probably better on a weekday. Think next time might be interesting to walk down towards the Olympic Park or even further up towards Essex. Have done a walk from Lee Marina/ Springfield Park down to Lee Bridge before and that was pretty excellent as you can walk across meadows and bits of woodland in places too. Highly recommended on a spring weekday afternoon.

That’s right, another pylon picture to finish off a post about a lovely nature walk…

All pics taken with more lomo and then some were instagrammed as well



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