Days 20 and 21

It rained last week. Then the weather got better. The scene was set for chilling out in the afternoon sun,

That’s right, there’s been no change in 20 days.

One day, prior to neighbours providing me with inspiration to start this blog, they did a barbecue. There’s been no barbecue since and it’s interesting to observe what the weather has done to the bag of coals seen here disintegrating in the bottom left of picture.

Anyway, that was yesterday morning and then there was activity – or rather noise coming from the terrace – was someone going to have a tidy? Of course not as Day 21 picture shows…

Some chairs got moved! And, there’s been an addition – more watermelon! In the early days, there was a watermelon rind on one of the plates, think it must have sprung roots or putrefied or something as it was removed. Now there’s this,

Perhaps they will run out of knives, plates and mugs soon and then have to do something? Perhaps not…


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