A new dress

So, I had this dress from COS, which I decided to make a pattern of. It’s v v comfy + can work as tunic over jeans or on its own. Anyway, it’s a sort of double copy as the COS one was quite similar to Prada’s stripy summer collection. So I was making a Prada twice removed.

Since I’ve not made any patterns in almost a year, took a while – even though it is a very simple dress… I started the pattern last Sunday and then picked it up yesterday afternoon. Decided to make it in this blue/ grey striped cotton jersey that I bought recently (among other fabrics I bought and now have NO SPACE for any more fabrics!).

Didn’t have enough fabric to cut the back in one piece so thought I’d cut it in two and then match the stripes. Don’t have particularly brilliant sewing abilities but I managed this! As to matching stripes on side seams – I did try but that didn’t work so well. Anyway, cutting took longer than making, what with all the stripes matching.

Machine sewing only took a little while and I decided to finish the neck, sleeve and hem by hand. Don’t have an overlocker so any hem I do on my sewing machine ends up stretching the jersey. In the end, hand finishing didn’t take as long as I though + I finally watched The Night Watch and last week’s The Hour (and some other things).

The dress is now done – front and side views here:


It falls to just below the knee but nobody needs to see that my dressmakers dummy stands on two old tins of Dulux paint…

So nice to finally sit down and actually make something!! (have been a bit lazy recently)


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