Not another day of neighbourhood watch

It was raining in the morning so there was no neighbourhood watch – they weren’t going to clear up in the rain! Anyway, we had ourselves a mini adventure instead.

All train travel is adventure. This wasn’t a long train journey so it was just a mini adventure.


Once we got to our destination there was lots of lovely food and the sun came out. Then it disappeared again. Then there was a rainbow to see us off back home. Actually, I think the rainbow was really there as a thank you to our friends who did some marvellous cooking.

It has also been suggested that the neighbours terrace should be viewed as a game of chess, being as it is on a grid pattern, albeit clearly a game of chess that takes a lifetime and players go off doing bits of this and that forgetting that they have a chess game going on. White plate to A7, coke bottle to D5 and counter that with dirty mug to C4?


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