Day 12

So, have only had this blog for a week and already not posting regularly… not very good.
Terrace watch continued this week but admittedly not as frequently. There has been movement early in the week – the plates are now on top of each other and the chopping board got taken away but then nothing again for days.
What’s happened to the watermelon rind? Old coke bottle is still bottom left picture but can’t be seen on my arty-tinted image.
Hoping there will be SOME change this weekend. How about a clear up? That’s probably too much to ask.
Maybe they will run out of plates soon (don’t think much washing up gets done) and will have to take and use these?
Perhaps I should do a still life canvas, I’ve a perfect set up unlikely to change for a while and allowing me to sit by the window and paint, like Vermeer.

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